Tooth Whitening Tips

If you’re looking to impress, a bright white smile has to be in your arsenal. Dazzle everybody with a celebrity-grade smile and book a whitening treatment at Arbutus North Dental today!

You can self-whiten your teeth at home if you wish with an at-home whitening treatment kit from your oral health experts at Arbutus North Dental or you can buy over-the-counter products. Those whitening products, however, won’t be as effective and won’t give you the quick results you’re after.

Teeth aren’t naturally white – they have an undertone of yellow which can become more pronounced with bad habits such as drinking dark liquids (caffeine, soda) or smoking. Our team at Arbutus North Dental would advise you to quit smoking and moderate or cut out all teeth-staining foods and liquids.

Natural tooth whitening can be achieving by snacking on strawberries, carrots and broccoli. Brushing your teeth with baking soda and water or lemon juice can remove stains, but we don’t recommend these methods as they might harsh to your teeth and enamel.

If you want a visibly whiter celebrity-worthy smile, come to our office at Arbutus North Dental for a whitening appointment. Contact us to book an appointment.