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Laser Dentistry Comfortable, Convenient, and Comprehensive Oral Care

Solving your oral health problems, improving your overall health, and enhancing your vibrant lifestyle is easier, faster, more effective and significantly more comfortable than ever before thanks to Laser dentistry!

Since Laser dentistry uses a gentle laser, there’s none of the heat, noise and discomfort associated with drills, plus there’s typically less (or none) of the bleeding and swelling that some patients dread. And often, many procedures can be performed with little or no anaesthetic – which means a more comfortable, pleasant and quicker dentist experience for you!


What is Laser Dentistry?picbody_free

Laser dentistry is a gentle, safe and effective way for the team at Arbutus North Dental Centre to restore or create the vibrant, beautiful smile of your dreams.

A highly concentrated laser light is focused on the area undergoing treatment, and together with a gentle spray of water, the following common dental procedures can be provided:

§ Contouring and shaping gums to diminish or outright remove a “gummy” smile

§ Removing excess tissue or other growths, including “tags” (the excess gum tissue that flaps over a tooth that hasn’t erupted)

§ Deep-cleaning gums for a healthy mouth and overall health

§ Preventing and fixing receding gums § Fixing restricted tongue movement

§ Preventing tooth loss and periodontal disease

§ Providing pain relief from fever blisters and cold sores

§ Treating bleeding gums caused by bacteria and debris

§ Stimulating gum tissue growth

§ Class I, II, III, IV and V cavity preparation

§ Caries removal

§ Hard tissue surface roughening or etching

§ Enameloplasty, excavation of pits and fissures for placement of sealants


Contact us for an examination and discover how Laser dentistry at Arbutus North Dental Centre can provide you with the comfortable, convenient and comprehensive oral care you deserve.