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Kitsilano Dentist Oral Surgery

At Arbutus North Dental Centre, we are happy to provide oral surgery as a service to our patients. These are minor surgeries that are carried out in our office in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Oral surgery is used to fix many dental issues, defects, or injuries in the jaw, mouth, face, neck, and head. At our Kitsilano dental clinic, we are happy to offer oral surgery options to all of our patients. Our staff is highly trained and certified to perform oral surgeries. Common surgeries include removing impacted teeth or clusters, performing cosmetic surgery, or surgical treatment of cancerous cysts.

Prior to your surgery, we will provide you with a list of pre- and post-surgery instructions to follow. These vary based on what type of surgery you will be receiving.

We will take all precautions to ensure you are comfortable and ready. We want to provide you with top-level service to make your treatment go as smoothly as possible.

The range of oral surgeries is so broad and specific to each patient that each case is highly customized. Please consult with your dentist at Arbutus North Dental Centre to discuss your oral surgery options.