Teeth Whitening: Is it For Me?

Teeth bleaching is a quick and economical procedure that gives immediate outcomes. You can walk in during your lunch break with yellow teeth and leave with whiter and brighter teeth. For most of us, teeth whitening is a fast way to enhance your appearance and make you appear younger.

If you’re curious about this cosmetic oral procedure or cosmetic dentistry, you might be asking yourself just how it works. 

A Couple of Facts concerning Your Teeth

The noticeable part of your teeth is called enamel, and beneath that layer is what we call dentin. The reason individuals have different shades of teeth depends upon the thickness and also the color of both. If the enamel layer is slim after that more of the dentin is visible. Dentin is typically yellow, yet it can sometimes be grayer. As we age, our enamel ages too. Which can lead to discoloration, which impacts just how white your teeth are.

Why Are My Teeth Stained?

While often the shade of our teeth is just genetics, there are external influences that can tarnish or yellow our teeth, including:

  • Dark fluids like coffee, tea, wine, and alcohol
  • Curries, tomato sauces, berries– anything that would stain a white table linen
  • Cigarette products heavily discolor teeth
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Aging

Professional Teeth Bleaching in Vancouver.

With our in-office and also at-home bleaching treatments, we can easily help you brighten your smile. Getting your teeth lightened in our office is usually much faster, as well as the results are visible right after the procedure. The entire process can use up to 90 mins, you may need to schedule visits to recover the bleaching.

For those that favor the ease of home treatments, the results will certainly happen over a more extended period of time. It may take several weeks to get the shade you desire.

Either way, your teeth whitening results will certainly be recognizable and attractive.

Are You Prepared for a Whiter Smile?

If you have an interest in a fast remodeling that has dramatic outcomes, we are below to provide answers. Call us today!