Teens and Oral Health: The Fast Food Concern

According to experts, teenagers today are consuming an increased amount of fast foods and carbonated beverages, and this is a practice that affects both overall and oral health. Adolescents become addicted to sugar and caffeine early on and as such are at higher risk for obesity, osteoporosis (phosphoric acid in carbonated drinks limits calcium intake at a time when calcium is crucial for proper bone development) and cavities.

Sugar is converted into acid by bacteria in the mouth and that acid erodes tooth enamel and weakens the overall structure of the tooth. Pop drinks also contain citric, tartaric and carbonic acid that all contribute to irreversible enamel erosion.

The team at Arbutus North Dental Centre urge you to teach your teen about proper nutrition and schedule regular check-ups and cleanings. Together, you and the dental professionals at Arbutus North can educate your adolescent about cavity control and prevention and ensure they’ll have a healthy smile for years to come. Contact us today!