Team Building at its Finest

We love celebrating our Vancouver dental team at Arbutus North Dental! Not only do we have such wonderful staff, but we’ve all become great friends over the years and built long-lasting relationships. That’s why, when we go out for team building, it’s always a great time!

On Saturday, July 11, our Arbutus North Dental team all headed out on the town for an unforgettable night. We were able to celebrate each other individually and as a team, calling to mind our unique roles. After all, we do so much every day to ensure our patients experience the best in dental care in Vancouver!

We all love working at Arbutus North Dental so much, and we want you, our loyal patients, to know that. In fact, during our team-building, we all listed our favourite things about each other, our patients, and our work environment and the answers were extensive and diverse. Just goes to show how different our experiences are and how much of a positive influence we have on each other!

So, next time you’re at our Kits dental practice, try to notice how much each of us contributes to your visit. We’ll be sure to make your experience unforgettable, every time!