Spread Holiday Cheer With A Smile

The spirit of the season is contagious, help spread holiday cheer with a bright, confident smile! It’s that time of year when we get together with friends and family to celebrate. Don’t spend the season fretting over your damaged or stained teeth, refresh your pearly whites with expert dentistry from your friends at Arbutus North Dental Centre!

With only a month to go in 2016 and a whole new year right around the corner, it’s your last chance to maximize the benefits of your dental insurance. January is a month for new beginnings, and that extends to your dental coverage, which resets on new year’s day. Don’t let your leftover dental benefits go to waste, book an appointment at Arbutus North Dental Centre and start 2017 with a refreshed, sparkling smile.

We know it can be embarrassing when your teeth are yellowed or chipped, especially at family gatherings. Don’t spend the season hiding behind your lips, get a smile you can proudly share with everyone! Our comprehensive list of treatments is the solution to any dental issue. From tooth whitening to dental implants, Arbutus North has the tools and expertise to restore a natural, beautiful look for the holidays.

Time is running out to use your leftover benefits! Call Arbutus North Dental Centre in Vancouver to book your next appointment today!