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Root Canal Therapy at Vancouver’s Arbutus North Dental Centre can Put an End to your Toothache!

An agonizing toothache does more than threaten your oral health. It can also trigger serious overall health issues. And of course, trying to endure a toothache is next to impossible, as it will negatively impact everything from sleep, to eating, to trying to concentrate at work or school. Basically, life can become unbearable.

At Arbutus North Dental Centre, we offer the fast-acting and lasting pain relief solution that you need: a root canal therapy!


About Root Canals

While your teeth are hard on the outside, inside they’re quite soft and contain what’s called a “pulp chamber.” Inside that chamber is a nerve, which can become inflamed or infected – and cause sever pain.picbody_family2

A root canal removes the infected or inflamed nerve, and re-fills the pulp chamber with a sealing material that keeps it safe from future re- infection. A crown or filling is also applied to prevent any future breakage.

The root canal procedure can take place in one, two or three visits, depending on the specific problem. Each visit takes about 1-2 hours, and despite the stories that are sometimes associated with root canals, the procedure can have relatively little pain (those stories are often associated with the toothache that leads one to a root canal – not the root canal itself!).


Put an END to your Agony

A root canal could be exactly what you need to put an end to your toothache. Contact us today to discuss your options and needs. In less time and more comfort than you imagine, we can restore your beautiful and healthy smile.