Root Canals Can Save Your Teeth

root-canals-150x150Have you ever had a root canal done? Root canals are dreaded by a lot of dental patients but despite the popular belief that root canals are a scary treatment process, it is the kind of dental treatment that is good enough to end all your toothaches.

Dentists at Arbutus North Dental Centre recommend patients to go for a root canal procedure when the tooth is perfectly whole but is infected from the inside. Such kinds of tooth problems can worsen if left untreated. The process involves the filling up of a tooth and the replacement of the infected pulp. Although there is also an option for tooth extraction, dentists usually recommend saving the tooth if it still can be saved.

Every tooth has a root canal and dental decay at the outer layer that is left untreated progresses into the root canal. When that happens, the nerves and blood vessels get infected and become inflamed. Sadly, the infected vessels die and are then replaced by pus which causes the pain and discomfort that you feel. If you think that that toothache is the worst that could happen to you, then you might want to think again.

Root canals that are infected can cause a lot of irreparable damage to the bones surrounding the tooth, causing the formation of tooth abscess. Hence getting a root canal procedure done is one of the best things that you could do for yourself.