Procrastination Could Be Painful


From childhood, we are conditioned to avoid going to the dentist. People often times feel that if their dental pain is tolerable, there’s no need to go in for a dental appointment. On the contrary, the best ways to combat serious dental issues are early detection and preventative care. Routine dental checkups are imperative to prevent small issues developing into serious problems. It’s important that you visit the team of dental healthcare professionals at Arbutus North Dental. Even if cost is an issue, a short checkup is a small price to pay if it prevents long, costly procedures down the road.

So what happens when you procrastinate? Commonly, small cavities grow larger. When a cavity is small, the work required to fix it is minimal; however, large cavities may also develop into more advanced issues. A toothache that you feel is tolerable can be an abscess or a small fracture. As a fracture increases in size, a crown may be the only solution; however, ignoring an abscess may mean root damage and the need for a root canal. Furthermore, your other teeth can also become infected. Early detection could save you both time and money.

It’s easy to put off a routine cleaning when you feel you brush, floss, and don’t experience any pain. But only a professional cleaning from the team at Arbutus North Dental can remove the hardened plaque that can’t be removed on your own. It’s important to be aware that a buildup of tartar may lead to gum disease.

Schedule routine check-ups with the team at Arbutus North Dental for early detection and preventative care. Don’t procrastinate, call today.