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Oral Health and Overall Health Solutions at Vancouver’s Arbutus North Dental Centre

At Arbutus North Dental Centre, our Oral Health Solutions effectively target and fix serious and damaging problems like bad breath (halitosis), grinding teeth, and other oral health concerns, including oral cancer screening. Good oral health is your gateway to overall health, wellness and improved quality of life!

Click below on any of the problems that you’re experiencing or solutions that you want to achieve, and see how our team will make it happen.

I want to learn more about the link between oral health and overall health.

You might think that oral health is “just about your teeth.” Well, you’re half-right! Yes, oral health is indeed about the health, wellness and lasting functionality of your teeth. However, it’s about much, much more – because there are crucial links between oral health and overall health.

The Canadian Dental Association points out that poor oral health is associated with several dangerous illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, pre- term and low-birth-weight babies (source “Oral health – good for life.” Canadian Dental Association. Oral Health — Good for Life).

And the potential health problems associated with poor oral health go beyond medical ailments. An unhealthy or unattractive smile due to missing, discoloured, chipped, worn, misshaped/misaligned teeth or bad breath (halitosis) can lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and reduced quality of life. It can also affect you financially, since you might avoid rewarding careers where a healthy, bright smile is “part of the job.”

At Arbutus North Dental Centre, we care about your whole body health. That’s why out treatments, procedures and solutions fix and restore your teeth and gums to optimal health, and help boost your overall health and wellness. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to educating you and your family on how to take care of your teeth so that they take care of you for years and years to come.

To learn more about the links between oral health and overall health, and to have all of your questions answered by a member of our professional and caring staff, contact us today.

I have bad breath and nothing I do seem to stop it!

While commercials on TV promise “to end to bad breath” by chewing some gum or rinsing with mouthwash, the truth for many people is that bad breath is a serious health problem – one that mere gum chewing or mouthwash rinses can’t solve (in fact, they can make things worse!).

Chronic bad breath – known as halitosis – affects millions of people around the world. While there are a variety of possible causes, including diet and a side effect of some medications (which can cause “dry mouth”), bad breath is often caused by decaying food particles and other debris on the gums and tongue.

At Arbutus North Dental Centre, we work to guide you on proper brushing and flossing techniques, since it’s possible that a simple adjustment in your routine could solve the problem quickly and easily. We can also show you how to safely use a tongue cleaner, give you tips on how to use mouthwashes, explain how changes to your diet – such as drinking more water – could dramatically diminish bad breath, and more.

The important thing for you to keep in mind is that chronic bad breath can be treated and, often, it can be done simply, easily and quickly by changing your oral health habits and visiting your Arbutus North dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings.

If you’re suffering from the discomfort and embarrassment of bad breath, contact us for a one-on-one discussion that will put your mind at ease, and get you on the road to better breath and oral health!

I need dental protection for when I play sports.

Athletes of all ages and skill levels should consider a mouth guard to protect their teeth from injury, and to prevent their teeth from grinding during activity. There are three kinds of mouth guards: stock, boil & bite, and custom- fitted. Click here to learn more about which mouth guard is right for you.

I clench or grind my teeth at night.

Clenching your teeth at night can cause serious oral health problems over time. l It can also reduce your quality and quantity of sleep, which lowers your quality of life and exposes you to health ailments due to a weakened immune system. Fortunately, a custom mouth guard could be exactly what you need to stop clenching and grinding your teeth at night. Click here to learn more about which mouth guard is right for you.

I’m concerned about oral cancer and need more information.

Regular screening for the early signs of oral cancer is critically important to avoid serious, life-threatening consequences down the road — and this is especially true for smokers. In fact, the 5-year survival rate for oral cancer increases from over 80% from 52% when it’s detected early. We have a two-step screening procedure that is designed to detect oral cancer and, if necessary, get you the treatment you need. Click here to learn more.