Laser Dentistry – A Gentle Way To Treat Your Teeth

When you’re looking for dental treatments, the idea of drills and other uncomfortable dental instruments may come into mind, but what if we told you that certain dental treatments can be done without them at all? At Arbutus North Dental, our clinic contains a piece of technology called Laser dentistry. This tool is a useful and powerful way for us to treat certain dental problems that our patients run into without needing to use more intensive tools like drills. The laser’s gentle light allows us to treat many different dental problems with only a concentrated laser light and a spray of water.

Here are some of the dental treatments that can be performed with Laser dentistry:

  • Contouring and shaping gums to diminish the look of a gummy smile
  • Removing excess tissue and other growths, like tags, the excess gum tissue over a tooth that hasn’t erupted yet
  • Deep cleaning gums for a more healthy mouth
  • Preventing and fixing receding gums and fixing restricted tongue movement
  • Providing pain relief from fever blisters and cold sores
  • Treating bleeding gums caused by bacteria and debris
  • Stimulating gum tissue growth
  • Class I, II, III, IV, and V cavity preparation
  • Caries removal
  • Hard tissue surface roughening or etching
  • Enameloplasty, excavation of pits and fissures for placement of sealants

As you can see, there any many different treatments that can be done with just a laser. You don’t have to worry about getting squeamish over drills and other sharp instruments near your mouth. Only the light of a laser and some water will be able to solve many of your dental problems.

For further inquiries or if you’d like to book an appointment, do not hesitate to contact Arbutus North Dental, located in the heart of Kitsilano.