How do I know if I have impacted wisdom teeth?

We’re a full month into 2017 and hopefully, you’re another year wiser…or maybe there’s something much more sinister stopping your wisdom from taking shape. What we’re actually talking about is impacted wisdom teeth. As wisdom teeth begin to emerge, you could be feeling a lot of pain if they are impacted. Avoid the misery by knowing the warning signs of impacted wisdom teeth. Talk to the team at Arbutus North Dental if you feel any jaw pain and are concerned about your oral health.

There are three things that signal impacted wisdom teeth. If you experience one or all three of these signs, chances are high that you may be experiencing impacted wisdom teeth and need a consultation with the team at Arbutus North Dental to address your oral health care needs.

Bleeding Gums

If you don’t floss regularly or don’t keep up a regular oral health routine, you may experience bleeding gums; however, if you see that your toothbrush has blood after brushing the back teeth, you may be suffering from impacted wisdom teeth because they put tremendous pressure on this area.

Unusual Pain

Pain in the back of your mouth that feels different from any pain you’ve experienced before can be the pain of impacted wisdom teeth. Schedule an appointment immediately with the team at Arbutus North Dental to catch it early. The more impacted wisdom teeth you have, the more painful it will be.

Swollen Jaw

Does your jaw feel swollen? Is it tender when you touch it? Usually, the swelling happens in your lower jaw where the wisdom teeth are set. When you have impacted wisdom teeth, the area close to your ear will feel tender or even painful.

If you’re experiencing one or all three of these symptoms, the likelihood of you having impacted wisdom teeth is very high. Call Arbutus North Dental today and schedule an appointment.