Keep Your Teeth White In 3 Easy Ways


We love the way our patients smile when they’ve completed a professional teeth whitening at Arbutus North Dental Centre. A teeth whitening treatment from your Kitsilano cosmetic dentist gives you a fresh new smile that looks white, while still looking natural. However, to keep the look of your bright smile for a long time, after care is essential! Here are three proven methods that help to keep your teeth white:

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Habits

This is absolutely essential for everyone, and especially for those who want to keep their newly whitened teeth looking great! After your teeth whitening, try to brush your teeth right after your meals. The most common way that teeth become dull is from being stained by foods and beverages. Also feel free to try whitening toothpaste for extra protection.

Stay Away From Teeth-Staining Foods

There are certain foods that are proven to stain teeth: wine, sports drinks, tea, soft drinks, and berries to name a few. These foods and beverages contain pigments that stick to the enamel on your teeth and leave stains. We’re not suggesting ruling these foods out completely, but enjoying them in moderation will help keep your teeth white.

Follow-Up With Your Cosmetic Dentist

After a professional teeth whitening treatment, we may recommend at-home teeth whitening or touch up sessions to ensure your results are long lasting. Some patients will require different amounts of follow-ups, which we recommend on a case-by-case basis.

We hope these tips help you keep your newly whitened teeth looking fantastic! Contact Arbutus North Dental Centre, your Kitsilano cosmetic dentists, by calling 604-256-1455.