Are you an adult with an overbite?


Many people struggle with a very common problem — an overbite. There are two types of overbites: horizontal and vertical. The former means that your top teeth jut out past your bottom row of teeth whereas the latter is characterized when your bottom teeth are dramatically overlapped by the top row of your teeth. Overbites are caused by issues with your teeth or bones. When your teeth are the cause of your overbite, it’s known as dental overbite. When your jawbone causes your overbite, it’s known as skeletal overbite. The treatment needed to correct your overbite largely depends on whether you have a skeletal or dental overbite. If you’re searching for a dentist in Vancouver who provides Invisalign treatments, it’s best to first learn about your overbite and what corrective treatment you’re best suited for.

There are a number of factors that may have led to your overbite including genetics and childhood habits including sucking on your thumb, using a pacifier for an extended period of time, and nail biting. Jaw bone and teeth development happen during childhood so poor oral habits may have contributed to your overbite. Whatever the likely cause, Invisalign has become a very popular inquiry amongst our Vancouver dental clients.

There are a number of physical and psychological problems that adults must deal with when they have an overbite including:

  • – feelings of self-consciousness and body image issues
  • – Speech impediments including lisps
  • – Problems chewing
  • – Jaw pain
  • – Gum disease and cavities resulting from damaged tooth enamel
  • – Susceptibility to damage to front teeth because of their positioning
  • – Soft tissue damage on the roof of your mouth caused by the bottom of your teeth scraping the tissue

While Invisalign does not correct all types of overbites, it is very popular because it is a transparent, removable option. It is similar to a retainer in that it can be removed but it must be worn at least 22 hours a day and takes about a year for the corrective treatment to work.

Beyond Invisalign, consult your dentist at Arbutus North Dental for your options. These may include braces, extraction of teeth, or surgery. While Invisalign is an amazing treatment for overbite, it cannot treat overly severe cases. If you’re searching for Invisalign Options in Vancouver, contact Arbutus North Dental today and schedule an appointment.