Your Smile Makeover: Making A Great First Impression

How important do you think your smile is? We, here at Vancouver dental practice, Arbutus North Dental, believe it is the most important and can help you perfect that smile you’ve been looking for.

A smile is one of the first things people notice. It’s also a crucial player in communication using gestures – your dazzling smile can convey a variety of emotions whether they be happy or sad. Experts say that smiling can make a huge difference in our lives, whether it be professional or personal. Smiling is significant when creating the best first impression possible, and can make others feel comfortable when first interacting with them.

There are many reasons to smile.  Smiling can give you a positive outlook, which is a huge benefit to your self-esteem. When you’re feeling down, it has been proven that you can feel happier when you force yourself to smile.  Smiling produces happy feelings and can change your emotional state in positive way. People who are under stress tend to have a weakened immune system, so smiling can also help to stop any possible illnesses.

A smile may have the power to change your life, so contact us at Arbutus North Dental in Vancouver if you want to help brighten, straighten or whiten your smile.