Young Smiles: How to handle your children’s loose teeth

At Arbutus North Dental Centre we know that the first time your child has a loose tooth it is an exciting experience for both parents and child. But while it may be tempting to pull it out as soon as possible, it is not always the best course of action.

Here are some top tips to help you handle your children’s loose teeth effectively.

Determine why the tooth is loose

Just because your child’s tooth is loose, doesn’t mean that it is falling out naturally. Children often knock teeth out while playing or tripping over. If your child’s tooth is loose or has fallen out due to trauma, a trip to the dentist will ensure there is no risk of infection or damage to the underlying permanent tooth.

Make sure the tooth is ready to go

When a baby tooth is ready to fall out, the roots of the tooth will dissolve until it is ready to fall out painlessly and with little bleeding. If you try to pull the baby tooth out before it is ready it will traumatize the roots causing unnecessary pain and bleeding.

Do the wiggle!

The best way to help a baby tooth fall out is to encourage your child to wiggle it back and forth with their fingers or tongue. Do not pull hard on the tooth, or tie it to a door with a string. The best thing to do is to let nature takes its course and the tooth will eventually fall out.

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