What’s “Behind” the Invisalign Magic?

As you may already know, some of our patients prefer to call our Invisalign treatment by a different name: magic.

Of course, we understand that view, because Invisalign does seem quite magical – especially since it’s virtually invisible, there are no metal braces, they can be removed and cleaned anytime, and they’re so comfortable that patients soon forget that they’re even wearing them. Put that all together and, indeed, magic does seem to be the right word!

However, “abracadabra’s” aside, there really IS a lot of science behind Invisalign, and you may be curious to discover how it all works. If so, then we have just the thing for you!

Our Invisalign guided tour makes a “special stop” on this very topic. Click here now to peer behind the curtain and see how Invisalign works.