Wedding Planning 101: Bridal Fairs

istock_000006589407xsmallbouquet-300x213If you’re getting married in the traditional way, with all the trimmings that include a bridal gown, official ceremony, bridal party and reception, you’ve probably already realised why wedding planners usually demand a high price for their services.

Wedding planning can be a very time-consuming undertaking and it’s often difficult to know where to turn for help, what options you have for ceremony and reception venue and menu, where to buy the best bridesmaid and wedding dresses and so on.

If you’re a bride-to-be who’s doing all her own wedding planning, attending a local bridal fair may just give you all the answers you need. Bridal fairs typically feature wedding gown designers, caterers, florists and bouquet designers, venue and interior decor experts, jewellers, hair and makeup artists, invitation designers, and more. In one word, you’ll find everything at a bridal fair that will help you make your wedding planning simple and streamlined and your wedding a spectacular affair.

Bridal fairs often include door prizes, grand prizes and free samples to entice a bride, but what you’ll really find at a bridal fair is inspiration. Make your wedding planning easy by attending a local bridal fair like the Vancouver Wedding & Honeymoon Spring Show

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