Want a Better Smile? Help Us Find the Right Treatment

A bright smile makes you beautiful. At Arbutus North Dental, we can help reinvigorate your smile if you feel that it is dull or lacking. Through our skilled and experienced dentists, we can make any imperfections in your teeth disappear. Whether you have gapped or missing teeth, or stained and discolored teeth, we have solutions. Arbutus North Dental is your premier Vancouver cosmetic dentist choice.

To fix gapped or missing teeth, we can employ multiple methods to help you. Invisalign is a  method that uses fitted, clear aligners to gradually shift your teeth into the right places without the hassle and look of braces. You can receive dental implants to replace the teeth that you don’t have. Our implants feel and function exactly like normal teeth.

Chipped and broken teeth can do damage in multiple ways. It can be both damaging to your self esteem as well as causing chewing problems. To treat this, you can use veneers, super-thin custom shells of tooth-colored material that improve your teeth’s color, shape, size, and length. Bonding applies a plastic resin to your teeth, shaped to your liking. Composites can be used to fill in holes in your teeth from cavities and tooth decay. Unlike metal fillings, composites are the exact shade of your teeth, making it look like no work has been done at all.

Don’t let a poor smile get you down. If you are unsatisfied with how it looks, you can find solutions. Arbutus North Dental is your Vancouver cosmetic dentist. Do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment today.