Understanding the Typical Sources of Worn Teeth: Bruxism, Abrasion & Erosion

One of the most common reasons for worn teeth is bruxism. Bruxism refers to tooth grinding or jaw clenching, particularly during rest, which wears down your enamel at an accelerated rate. You may have bruxism and not recognize it, so contact your Kits dentist, Arbutus North Dental Centre, for an appointment and we can tell you if your teeth are showing signs of bruxism and what you can do if that’s the case.

Abrasion is another typical source of worn teeth and describes tooth enamel that is worn down by foreign items in your mouth. Tooth brushes are the most common kind of abrasive items. If you brush your teeth too vigorously, you jeopardize harming your enamel. Chewing pens or fingernails can also cause teeth to lose enamel as can an oral piercing or tongue ring.

Erosion is the third typical cause of worn teeth. Erosion is caused by any substance that dissolves the enamel. Citric acid is the number one eroding cause of tooth enamel, but acid in your stomach (if you or a loved one makes a habit of purging) can also dissolve your enamel.

At Arbutus North Dental Centre, your Kits dentist, we provide numerous dental solutions for your worn teeth. However it’s our policy to teach you how to control the source of your erosion, not merely the symptoms of worn teeth. Look after your teeth and contact our Kits dental clinic today for an appointment.