Tooth Sensitivity: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Many of our Vancouver patients suffer with tooth sensitivity and want to understand the cause as well as find a cure for the problem. Sensitivity to air or hot or cold temperatures occurs in teeth when the surface enamel is worn away. Tooth sensitivity can also occur when a receding gum line leaves the nerves within the tooth overexposed. A cavity or a crack in a crown or tooth may also cause sensitivity issues. Grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw (bruxism) due to stress or during sleep is another common cause of sensitive teeth. At Arbutus North Dental, our dental professionals will examine you to help determine the cause as well as suggest solutions for relieving your tooth sensitivity problem.

One important thing to remember is to never use a hard-bristled toothbrush in the case of tooth sensitivity, unless instructed otherwise by your dentist. The hard bristles can wear down tooth enamel even more – making the teeth even more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures as well as perhaps sweet and sour foods. Even tooth brushing done with the recommended soft-bristled toothbrush can cause sensitivity pain for patients with the problem. Brush your teeth gently with circular motions rather than scrubbing them as if you were cleaning a porch or boat deck.

Never ignore a tooth sensitivity problem or dismiss it as a minor issue. Some of our Vancouver patients did just that and we found signs of gum disease as a major cause of the tooth sensitivity in many of these cases. You may even have a cavity that requires immediate dental attention. Chewing might often become painful. Don’t place your oral health in danger as there are likely to be solutions as well as necessary treatments for your case of teeth sensitivity. For instance, if we think bruxism may be the problem, you may be advised to wear a head device to prevent tooth grinding and jaw clenching. Another one of the possible tooth sensitivity solutions that some of our patients have found helpful is to avoid abrasive or tartar control toothpastes in favor of an anti-sensitivity type.

If you have teeth sensitivity, contact our Vancouver dental office for help in preventing and/or curing a sensitive tooth problem.