Symptoms of Oral Cancer


Every part of your mouth can suffer from the harsh effects of oral cancer. If you don’t want to deal with swelling lips or the painful bite, you have to learn how to detect it at its early stages. Cancer cells multiply erratically and the sad truth is that even the best scientists do not know what causes it. The risks of developing it are everywhere and anywhere and if you want to prevent it from developing, here are the top oral cancer symptoms that you should watch out for.

  • Mouth lumps, which are usually painless, can be an early sign of mouth cancer. These are usually white or pale in color so you can easily notice them if they are there.
  • If your gums or small lumps in your mouth bleed easily, you better see your dentist. This could be a sign of not just a gum problem but oral cancer too.
  •  Swelling of the teeth and gums.

The truth is that there is always a better plan on how to deal with oral cancer. All you have to do is to make a choice. If you brush daily and see your Vancouver dentist on a regular basis, you can be cancer-free. If you choose not to, then your risk for oral cancer increases.

And don’t forget, at our Vancouver dental practice, we provide routine oral cancer screenings regularly, to ensure your optimal oral health. Remember to schedule dental appointments at Arbutus North Dental on twice a year and to contact us for any further information!