When is Soft Tissue Laser Used in Dentistry?

The use of lasers when it comes to dental procedures is one of the revolutionary improvements in recent years of the industry. It has proven to be quite effective and recommended because of the many different benefits that the new technology brings. When it comes to dental procedures lasers can be used in several ways, such as whitening teeth, removing tooth decay on the crowns of your teeth or to treat the gums area and other soft tissue. For more delicate and sensitive areas like the gums, the soft tissue laser treatment is most recommended.

There are many benefits when using soft tissue laser in dentistry. It is much more accurate and precise so the medical practitioner can precisely target the problem areas. Since it is less invasive, it reduces the bleeding and even inflammation or swelling. Soft tissue lasers are also not that painful and even promote faster healing because more often than not, the site of operation no longer needs sutures to heal.

Soft tissue laser is actually used in a variety of ways for various treatments. With the use of lasers, dentist can lengthen the appearance of the tooth’s crown and reform the way the gums look. This is commonly called crown lengthening. It is also used to improve the smile of the person who has a gummy smile by reducing amount of gums showing when a person smiles, and increasing the length of the crown. It can also be used to remove soft tissue lesions, surgery for the gums and a  dental frenectomy to treat speech problems.

Soft tissue lasers have may uses that benefit patients in remarkable ways which not only helps them with their functional or physical dental issues, but also helps mitigate any fears when it comes to getting dental operations. Make sure to ask about soft tissue laser treatments from your dentist at Arbutus North Dental Centre on your next visit.