Smoking and Your Oral Health: Know the Facts

It’s common knowledge that smoking can put you at risk of developing lung cancer, but are you aware that smokers are prime targets for many oral health problems which will progress much faster for smokers than for non-smokers?

Your health partners at Arbutus North Dental want to make you aware that an enormous 75% of gum disease found in adults is caused by smoking cigarettes. Beware, even those who smoke cigars and pipes are similarly at risk of gum disease and health problems as a result of their tobacco use!

From the moment you take that first puff of tobacco smoke, you will are opening the door to: recession of the gums, delayed healing after oral surgery, tooth loss, loss of bone in jaw, mouth sores, losing your sense of smell and taste, stained teeth, bad breath, oral cancer and gum disease!

Your health is your most valuable asset, and if you have ever been sick or experienced health problems in the past you know that good health is what allows each of us to live our lives to the fullest. Your experts at Arbutus North Dental highly recommend you protect your oral health by quitting smoking altogether.

Easier said than done, but the rewards to your overall health can motivate you to take a stand and prevent the serious health problems that are caused by tobacco use.

The Surgeon General recommends taking the following steps to help you quit smoking and using tobacco:

• Be prepared – set a date to quit and empty your home, car and office of tobacco products.
• Get support: a quitting partner, friends, family and co-workers to encourage your efforts to protect your health.
• Replace the bad habit with a good one. To quit any habit you are much more likely to hold to your resolve if you replace negative habits with positive ones like introducing healthy eating and/or exercise to replace smoke breaks.
• If needed, obtain quitting aids from your local drug store.
• Figure out your triggers and places where the temptation to smoke is the strongest. Plan in advance to avoid  for relapse or difficult situations

We at Arbutus North Dental share a vested interest in your optimal health and happiness. Feel free to talk to our team members about your struggles with smoking, we are happy to recommend options to help you quit smoking. Your oral health is our first priority, and we want support you throughout the quitting process.