Nightguards – Tooth Protection against Grinding

People who suffer from tooth grinding, usually are not aware that they are doing it. This is because this usually occurs at night when the person is fast asleep. They only find out when they start feeling regular headaches, facial aches, and jaw pains. A visit with the dentist will confirm this issue and more often than not, one of the simplest and immediate prevention against further damage to the teeth is through the use of nightguards.

As the name suggests, nightguards are teeth protection that is usually worn by the individual before they go to bed at night. These devices resemble those mouthguards used by boxers, only much thinner, usually transparent and more comfortable to wear. The nightguard typically goes over the teeth and gums to provide ample protection against tooth grinding.

Nightguards can also be customized so that a nightguard fits exactly on your teeth, which reduces discomfort and won’t distract you from getting your much needed sleep.

Nightguards are actually quite useful especially if you are prone to tooth grinding. This not only reduces the wear and tear on your teeth, but also reduces the aches and pains you normally get, which are associated with grinding the teeth. The dentists at Arbutus North Dental Centre will be able to help you get the nightguard that’s right for you and manage your dental issues.