Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what life would be like if you had the beautiful, straight smile of your dreams?

Well, if you’ve ever felt that way, then you aren’t alone. Many people have felt unhappy and insecure because of their crowded or crooked teeth.

And most of these people would truly love to fix their smile, except for one huge obstacle in their way: braces!

Honestly, most people dread the idea of wearing clunky, old-fashioned metal braces. And who can blame them?

To start with, braces are inconvenient. They can rub against your tongue and cheeks, causing pain and bleeding. And speaking of pain, braces have to be tightened on a regular basis (ouch!). Plus, keeping braces clean can be a real struggle, as the metal brackets can trap plaque and bacteria.

And we haven’t even mentioned the top reason why many teens and adults dread the idea of wearing braces, which is the social embarrassment and anxiety that comes from wearing a shiny, visible dental appliance on their teeth all day, every day, for years.

Really, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to suffer with a flawed smile, instead of wear braces. For these people, the cure is worse than the problem!

However, at Arbutus North Dental Centre, we have an incredible treatment called Invisalign, which has been scientifically proven to straighten teeth comfortably, safely, swiftly and – here’s the best part – with absolutely no metal braces of any kind.

Does it sound too good to be true? We understand that view – and that’s why we’ve created a fun and informative guided tour of Invisalign.

On your tour, you’ll discover how Invisalign works, get answers to frequently asked questions, discover the benefits of choosing our practice for your treatment, and read testimonials from patients who are no longer looking in the mirror and wondering what life would be like if they had the beautiful, straight smile of their dreams.

Instead, they’re living that better, happier life. And you can, too!

Start your Invisalign guided tour now. Click here.