Live Longer by Smiling! Advice from your Kits dentist!

If you’re seeking a way to improve your health, your social relationships and your total well-being, grinning can help with that!

According to a TED Talk provided by Wellness Tap originator and CEO Ron Gutman, a number of findings support the theory that smiling improves your wellness and life expectancy.

One particular study found that the width of a smile is intrinsically connected to life expectancy – in other words, the wider your smile, the more most likely you are to live longer.

However, if you’re not pleased with your smile and do not smile often or at all, contact your Kits dentist, Arbutus North Dental Centre, to book a consultation and enhance your life, one smile at a time! A single smile, according to current research, can make you feel as great as winning $2500 dollars or indulging in some 2000 bars of chocolate!

We offer you custom smile makeovers that can utterly transform your smile and help lower your anxiety levels, nurture positive personal and business relationships and generally make you happy to smile!

Don’t miss out on the wondrous benefits of a smile and contact Arbutus North Dental Centre, your Kits dentist, today with any questions or to book your appointment! Connect with us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Enjoy the TED Talk, entitled the Hidden Power of Smiling, below: