Top Reasons Why Teenagers Love Invisalign Teen

There are many reasons why people should go for Invisalign when it comes to enhancing their smiles. For young adults, this basically looks exciting, the very thought of tooth braces may send them into utter stress. Invisalign Teen offers teenagers the benefits of braces without any of the social embarrassment.


Invisalign Teen aligners are personalized to fit properly on the teeth and are virtually invisible, making them hard to spot and great for anytime photos and Instagram shots!.


Invisalign Teen aligners are completely removable, so your teen can enjoy a school dance or dinner date without any worries about food stuck in braces! Though to be completely effective, aligners need to worn at least 22 hours a day so keep that in mind and make sure your teen knows the rules of Invisalign teen.


One more benefit that Invisalign Teen provides is the overall flexibility to eat anything you want. In contrast to metallic braces for your teeth, you’ll find nothing attached to the tooth. Consequently, brushing and flossing merely involves taking out the aligner and performing a proper oral health care routine. There are no constraints about what teenagers can eat during Invisalign treatment. They can, when they choose, chew gum, take in sweet meals, and never have to worry about the way in which their own smile looks.

Give your teen a healthy, happy smile and book an Invisalign consultation today at Kitsilano dentist Arbutus North Dental Centre.