Holiday Dental Care Tips

It’s snowing and Christmas is just around the corner! How has the shopping gone? Whether you’re braving the cold streets or chaotic malls, something we can all look forward to during the holidays is the food. While you may need to work off the winter weight, there are also some things you should keep in mind to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy. As your Kits Dentist, contact us for family dentistry and all your oral health needs. Arbutus North Dental wants to celebrate the holidays with these smart holiday eating tips.

Make sure to bring a piece of gum for after your meals. Fruit cakes and mince pies are popular this time of year but can wreak havoc on your teeth. The dried fruit will stick to your teeth and the sugar will lead to dental problems. Chewing a piece of gum can help remove these dried pieces but be sure to read the label and choose gums that are approved by the Dental Association of Canada or that don’t have high sugar content themselves. Ask your Kits dentist about any of your dental care concerns and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Say cheese this Christmas! Cheese can aid in normalizing the acidic balance of your mouth, which means that you reduce the risk of tooth decay; however, eat in moderation. If you eat too much, your teeth may be fine but your waistline may see it differently 🙂

Don’t be a turkey, take the cranberries in moderation. Turkey is a staple in Christmas dinners but so are the cranberries. Research has shown that while cranberries may help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, having too many can be bad for your health because of their high acidity.

If you’re curious about other holiday foods to avoid, contact Arbutus North Dental. We’re happy to answer all your questions about how to prevent holiday oral health issues or if you have any other questions about your oral health. Contact us today.