Have Invisalign Questions? We’ve got Invisalign Answers!

You may have heard about Invisalign from a friend, a family member, or read about it in a magazine or on a website (like ours!).

Regardless of what sparked your interest in learning more about Invisalign, chances are that you have a lot of questions – because, perhaps, this whole thing ‘seems too good to be true.”

After all…

•    Is it REALLY possible to get straight teeth without braces?
•    Is this as PAINLESS and “patient-friendly” as everyone says it is?
•    Is it true that I can REMOVE my Invisalign aligners anytime that I need to clean them?

Well, the answers to those key questions are: YES, YES and (wait for it….) YES!

Of course, you have more questions – and that’s great, because we have more answers. Simply click here for our Invisalign guided tour. It’s a fun and informative look at the “ins and outs” of Invisalign.