Halloween and Your Child’s Oral Health: Best and Worst Candy

The aftermath of Halloween can be a terrifying time for parents. There’s the sugar rush to deal with, but there’s also the threat of cavities, gum disease and cracked teeth (some of those candies are hard!). The dental health experts at Arbutus North Dental Centre in Kitsilano have created a guide of the best and worst candy your child can have post-Trick or Treating.

WORST: Long-lasting candies 

Caramel candies and lollipops are tricky treats. Bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar to create cavities – the more time the bacteria have to consume sugar, the higher the chances of developing tooth decay. The acid found in sour candies dissolves enamel on contact. Those are best avoided altogether and raisins, though a fruit at heart, are just as sticky as candy and can damage fillings, braces and retainers.

BEST: Quick-chew candies

Candy/sugar that’s quickly swallowed doesn’t come into contact with teeth as much. Chocolate bars or cups are generally devoured quickly. Powder candy, though usually frowned upon, isn’t as harmful because it goes quickly down your child’s throat.

SPECIAL MENTION: Sugar-free treats

Sugarless mints and sugar-free gum are excellent to include in Trick or Treat bags. Sugarless gum can actually promote saliva production, which washes away bacteria and prevents cavities!

Have a safe, happy and cavity-free Halloween and don’t forget to book a cleaning for your child after all the candy’s gone. Contact Arbutus North for an appointment or if you have any questions about cavities.