Get the STRAIGHT Teeth You’ve Always Wanted WITHOUT Braces!

We all dream of having an attractive, dazzling smile with STRAIGHT teeth. But unfortunately, for many people, that dream goes unfulfilled.

Why? There are many reasons, but among the most common is that people dread the idea of wearing braces.

And who can blame them? Wearing clunky, metal braces for years (that’s right, years!) is enough to send most people running away in the other direction. Who wants to deal with the hassle, the discomfort, and of course, the social embarrassment of wearing braces?

Well, at Arbutus North Dental Centre, we have some incredible news for you that could literally transform your life for the better. It’s called “Invisalign,” but many of our patients have a different name for it: MAGIC!

Truthfully, there’s no magic involved. Invisalign is scientifically proven treatment that has helped numerous people get the dazzling straight teeth they’ve always dreamed of – WITHOUT BRACES!

Intrigued? We thought so! And that’s why we’ve created a fun and informative “Invisalign Tour” for you to experience.

On your tour, you’ll learn how Invisalign works, read testimonies from patients just like you, and discover why so many people are choosing the team here at Arbutus North Dental Centre to make their smile DREAM come true!

Click here to get started on your guided tour.