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About Our Dental Implants

A dental implants provide a permanent anchor for dentures or a single tooth. In fact, in they look, feel and function so much like natural teeth, you’ll wonder if you were born with them! picbody_yummy

And of course, when we say “permanent anchor,” we mean it – each implant is anchored by a tiny titanium post that will last for years. Generally, it is require just two surgical procedures. The first procedure installs the required implants (or implant, if it’s for a single tooth), and positions them to bond with your jawbone. The second procedure is when your implants become permanent. The total process takes about six to eight months, and aside from eating a somewhat softer diet between the first and second procedure, you typically won’t experience any disruption in your life at all.

If you’ve lost a tooth or teeth, chances are that your confidence is diminished – along with the natural beauty of your smile, and the vibrant contours of your face. Our implants can transform your smile, your face and your self-esteem. Contact us for a consultation and discover if dental implants are the answer you need for the smile of your dreams.