Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry At-a-Glance

These days, it’s relatively easy to get a red-carpet worthy grin. All it takes is a little time in the dentist’s chair and the skills of a cosmetic and restoratve dentistry expert at Arbutus North Dental Centre in Kitsilano.

The team at Arbutus North really gives you something to smile about. With five different options for cosmetic improvements (whitening, straightening, etc), here’s what you can do to improve your smile.

Bonding is the procedure used to fill in gaps, chips or small cavities, change the colour of a tooth or reshape it with a tooth-coloured material (often resin). Bonding can last for several years but is more prone to staining or chipping relative to other cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Veneers (thin pieces of porcelain or plastic) fix most of the same problems as bonding, but are less susceptible to stains or chips. They are custom-created and fit on top of your teeth to correct flaws.

Crowns are the priciest option (with the longest life expectancy) and are generally used when any and all other options wouldn’t be effective. Crowns (or caps) cover all of the tooth and these days they’re durable resin composites, but if you have older metal crowns you‘d like to replace, we’re here to help.

Contouring and Reshaping is a subtle makeover for healthy teeth – a dentist can alter the size, shape and position of your teeth and give you that perfect ten smile.

Be sure to talk to your dentist at Arbutus North Dental Centre about which cosmetic procedure(s) are right for you.