Cosmetic Dentistry: How To Improve The Look Of Your Smile

If you wish to enhance the appearance of your smile, there are a variety of cosmetic treatments that cosmetic dentistry experts offer. The smile makeover experts at Arbutus North Dental Centre, your Kits dentist, may be able to make your smile more gorgeous than ever before. These four common cosmetic dentistry treatments can assist with the general look of your teeth:

Teeth Bleaching— This is used to whiten teeth and can eliminate discolorations. Possible reasons why enamel can get tarnished include medication, coffee, tea, or smoking. It can likewise be genetic or from aging. Cosmetic dentistry professional teeth lightening is best when performed by a cosmetic dental professional at AND, this will provide you with a longer-lasting and brighter outcomes.

Porcelain Crowns– Crowns, a.k.a. caps, bring back teeth to their regular shape and appearance. Cosmetic dentistry crowns are made of a thin, porcelain material that is long lasting and stain-resistant.

Veneers— If you wish to change the colour or shape of your teeth and get that stunning smile you’ve always desired, veneers are the thing for you! Dental veneers are made of thin pieces of porcelain and are positioned directly onto your teeth to fix discoloured, crooked, or chipped teeth.

Reshaping and contouring— If you have healthy teeth and want to get a subtle smile transformation in one single session, cosmetic dentistry contouring  is done quickly and will certainly help to fix the flaws in your mouth.

To learn more about the cosmetic dentistry alternatives at your Kitsilano dental practice, call us today to book a visit to get that smile you’ve constantly desired.