Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ: What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

smile_2What is cosmetic dentistry?

For most, the look of your smile is extremely important. If you are unhappy with your smile, there are numerous ways in which you can achieve the look you want. The cosmetic dentistry team at Arbutus North Dental Centre in Vancouver will be able to perform the right procedure for you.

These five common cosmetic dentistry treatments can help with the overall look of your teeth:

Teeth Bleaching – When people ask “what is cosmetic dentistry”, this is the typically the most well-known answer. Teeth bleaching is used to whiten teeth and can eliminate stains. Years of discoloured teeth from medication, coffee, tea or from smoking, genetics or from aging can be erased–almost instantly. Cosmetic dentistry and professional teeth whitening are a perfect solution for patients with upcoming job interviews, weddings, birthdays or more.

Bonding – Filling in gaps and changing tooth color is done through bonding. Cosmetic dentistry bonding only requires one office visit, and can last for many years after the procedure is done.

Crowns – Cosmetic dental crowns, a.k.a. caps, restore teeth back to their regular shape and look. Cosmetic crowns typically last the longest out of all cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Veneers – If you want to change the color or shape of your teeth and get that winning smile you’ve always wanted, veneers are the choice for you. Thin pieces of porcelain are used on teeth to correct flaws.

Contouring and reshaping – If you have healthy teeth and want to get a subtle makeover for your smile in a single session, contouring and tooth reshaping is done efficiently and will correct the flaws in your mouth. This procedure is normally used in conjunction with bonding to change the look of your teeth.

If we have not answered your question of “what is cosmetic dentistry” yet, schedule an appointment today at Arbutus North Dental Centre in Vancouver to learn more and get that smile you’ve always wanted.