Is Your Child Seeing The Right Dentist?

Looking for the right dentist for your young one can be difficult. If you’ve got a young one that’s at an age where their teeth is starting to erupt, it’s time to start looking for the proper pediatric dentist to help them as their teeth start coming into place. You may be tempted to bring your child to the dentist that you regularly go to, but it’s often better to find a pediatric dentist. Though you likely trust the doctor that you regularly go to, they may not be able to provide the same level of treatment to your children that they can give to you.

Here are some of the benefits of going to a pediatric dentist over a general one.

They’re Specifically Trained. General dentists have a wide breadth of knowledge in regards to dental health, which allows them to tackle a great number of dental problems. Pediatric dentists have a smaller toolbox of knowledge, but are trained specifically to provide care for your young ones. Due to this they are always the better choice when it comes to your child.

They Know How to Communicate With Children. Going to the dentist when you’re very young can be a very frightening experience. Pediatric dentists can make this trip into a much better one. They can answer any questions your child has about what is happening and make sure that they understand exactly what is being done to them.

Their Offices Are Built Specifically For Children. Bright colors, cool trinkets. Environment is crucial when it comes to making children feel comfortable. Dentists should have offices that are made especially for children to be in.

So if your young one has just achieved their first tooth and needs a first checkup, drop by your local pediatric dentist in Kitsilano and help their growth be a smooth one.

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