Bad Breath is a Surefire Way to Kill Summer Romance

It is often said that, “confidence is everything when it comes to romance”. If you are self conscious, your date is sure pick up on it. A date is like a test drive, a simple way for another person to see what you’re like, what you have to offer and how well the two of you ‘click’. Everything from your body language to the way you steer the conversation are factor responsible for moving the relationship forward or bringing it to a screeching halt. Not to liken dating to a sales call, as it’s more like an interview. A way for someone to get to know who you are and what you’re about, in a casual, commitment-free exchange.

Most women look for a man with confidence. But there are some situations in which confidence will only make matters worse! Imagine this: the moon is full, you’re looking excellent, you lean in to whisper something in her ear… Only to deliver a lethal dose of bad breath along with those ‘sweet nothings’! Like a fire breathing dragon who toasts anyone who attempts to get close. It doesn’t matter how confident you are, if your date gets a whiff of your bad breath there is no chance you’ll get that kiss. Romance is up close and personal, so be sure to cover all your bases and talk to your dentist about ways to treat and prevent the form of gum disease known as halitosis.

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