Baby Teeth Tips for Parents

According to a recent report from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 28% of toddlers have cavities. If you want to help your child’s smile grow happy and healthy, read on for valuable tips from the caring dental health care professionals at Arbutus North Dental Centre.

Tip #1: Practice Tooth Brushing

Simple things like letting your child choose the colour of their toothbrush and making tooth brushing a fun, bonding experience can help foster important oral health care habits in your child. If your child doesn’t like toothbrushes, try a musical toothbrush or one that resembles their favourite cartoon.

Tip #2: Play Dental Games

Others have recognized the importance of preparing your child for the dentist. Help your child prepare for a happy dental visit by practicing how to open their mouth wide and playing dentist, which can help your child get in the right frame of mind for visiting our Kitsilano dental clinic.

Tip #3: Show, Don’t Tell about Oral Health Care

If your child sees you properly brushing and flossing, they’re likely to want to emulate your behaviour. You can explain to them after you’ve brushed your teeth and flossed for a total of 10 minutes how you’ve fought away evil cavity-causing bacteria that can rot your teeth.

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