Cranberries can help you avoid cavities!

Researchers have discovered crude dental devices and now think that our forefathers practiced some type of dental health care, but the truth is that it’s just in modern-day times that we have come to recognize the cause of tooth decay, cavities and their connection to the health of our teeth.

However, our ancient ancestors must have had an eating habit that reduced cavities and helped maintain durable teeth and gums. What might that be?

One of the fruits that our ancestors likely gathered were cranberries. Current studies have actually shown that compounds contained in cranberries can easily protect against bacteria and germs, and keep dental plaque from forming. Nonetheless, this does not imply that cranberries are an entirely harmless item to add on to your oral health care routine. The bulk of cranberry items are made with sugar and cranberries themselves are highly acidic, possibly damaging your teeth. However, a serving of cranberries from time to time, along with proper brushing and flossing, might help keep your oral healthcare in check.

Over 90% of adults under the age of 60 have experienced a cavity. Dental caries continue to be one of the most common diseases, especially in young children. If you wish to protect against dental caries, cavities and tooth enamel erosion, evaluate the kinds of foods you consume and cut back on sugar, especially refined sugar, as much as possible.

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