Sport Guards – Protection for your Teeth against the Action


Almost everybody in the world has a certain sport that they just love. Sports help people develop their skill, improve their socialization skills, and release stress and tension. While there are many good things to say about sports, injuries are not far behind unfortunately. This goes double for those active contact sports where in a person can end up with bumps, bruises and broken bones. Even a person’s smile and teeth is not completely safe. This is why wearing sport guards for some of these games are very important. While having a good time is valuable, making sure your teeth are complete after the game is just as important.

Sport mouth guards will cover and protect the teeth against any trauma or blunt force that’s hit the player on the face. Apart from that, the sport guard can also help avoid your lips from getting cut or any other damage that may occur. In addition, even if you have braces on, you still need to wear sport guard if you’re playing. It will also help protect your braces as well as your teeth.

Sport mouth guards may also vary depending on the type of sports or game being played. In boxing, where the goal is to hit the your opponent on his face and body, the face is the more prone to getting hit and suffering some serious damage. The sports guard for boxers tend to be thick and secure to prevent any tooth loss and other oral injuries. The same rules apply to hard hitting contact sports like American football, wrestling, hockey and many more.

Sports Guards are essential in keeping your teeth safe and protected when conducting rigorous and high impact activities. Furthermore, you can customize your sport guard so that it fits comfortably and securely to your dental structure. Arbutus North Dental can help you get your custom sport guard that you can use for all your sporting activities.

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