A Christmas Wish List that’s Something to Smile About

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Santa is on his way and we just want to make sure that you’re on the right list. While I’m sure all of us have made our own Christmas lists for Santa, your friends at Arbutus North Dental want to give the gift of great oral health. So we’ve made a list and we hope you check it twice to make sure your smile stays healthy over the holidays. As Kits’ family dentist, here are a few tips for you and your loved ones to have a very merry Christmas and happy new year with no cavities!

Brush. It’s pretty obvious why this is number one on our list. Properly brushing your teeth regularly is the most effective way to maintain a healthy smile. Brush twice a day, up-and-down, back-and-forth, on both the front and back of your teeth. Don’t forget to brush along your gum lines. With all the holiday treats, it’s important to not forget this very important tip.

Floss. Flossing is often seen as a nuisance and is ignored. It gets rid of plaque and food in between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach. Kids often will have trouble learning how to floss and will often give up. It’s important to help them learn and teach them good habits by being a good example yourself. Schedule an appointment with your Kits family dentist so we can teach you and your family the proper flossing technique.

Use mouthwash. Using mouthwash with fluoride can prevent cavities and tooth decay especially when combined with flossing and brushing regularly. Read the label of your mouthwash to ensure it possesses the proper cleaning and preventative ingredients.

Say no to sugar. Sweets, candy, pop, and energy drinks can be a staple this time of year. Sugar increases the likelihood of cavities. Make sure you and your family are eating a balanced diet. We know it can be difficult not to indulge during all the holiday feasts but a little discipline goes a long way.
Visit your family dentist. Arbutus North Dental is always here for you. Contact us for any questions about your family’s dental health or to schedule an appointment. As Kits’ family dentist, we want to wish everyone a healthy and happy holidays!