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Arbutus North Dental Centre’s Zoom! Whitening gives you the Dazzling and Radiant Smile you’ve always Dreamed Of!

A dazzling white smile does more than just transform your appearance. It also gives you confidence, boosts your self-esteem, and enables you to enjoy a more successful, “smile-filled” life!

So whether your teeth are stained and discoloured from smoking, coffee, tea, wine, colas or other causes, at Arbutus North Dental Centre our fast, easy, safe and affordable Zoom! whitening system can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!


About the Zoom! Whitening System

Zoom! is a breakthrough accelerated bleaching process that lightens tooth discoloration to reveal a dazzling white, bright smile. Unlike over- the-counter whitening strips, Zoom! is clinically proven to whiten teeth an average of six shades in one hour (in-office system), or six shades in just one weekend (take-home system).* Only a dentist can get teeth this white, this fast.


How Zoom! Works

Zoom! contains an active gel ingredient called hydrogen peroxide. When this gel is light-activated, it breaks down and oxygen penetrates the tooth’s surface. As this takes place, colored substances (i.e. stains) are bleached, while the structure of the tooth itself remains unchanged. This is an important feature, because it means that the tooth’s existing tooth structure remains safe and strong. There are two Zoom! methods: in-office system and home system.


Zoom! In-Office System

The Zoom! In-office system is rapid and comfortable. We recommend a cleaning prior to the session, in order to maximize results. The whitening procedure begins with a short preparation, followed by one hour of bleaching using the Zoom! lamp, and finished by a five-minute fluoride treatment. The complete procedure takes just over two hours (and you can enjoy watching DVDs or listening to CDs while it’s being done!), and the results are typically dramatic. A study has shown that the in-office system delivers an average improvement of six shades!*.


Zoom! Take-Home System

The Zoom! take-home system uses a customized mouth guard, which holds the gel snugly and safely against the teeth for a few at-home applications of four to eight hours each (the exact frequency and duration is something we’ll determine based on your whitening needs and goals). A recent study showed the Zoom! take-home system delivers an average improvement of four shades after three applications!*


The Smile you’ve Always Dreamed of is Here!

If you’ve been putting off whitening your teeth, or feared that the procedure was unsafe or painful, our Zoom! in-office or take-home system is the ideal solution you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to learn more about Zoom! whitening. It’s the safe, rapid, comfortable and affordable way to reveal the “perfect smile” in you!


*individual results may vary.