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Snap On Smile: Get Your Confidence Back at Arbutus North Dental Centre

If you’re looking for a temporary-to-permanent solution for crooked, discoloured or missing teeth, look no further! The Snap on Smile System offered at Arbutus North Dental Centre is ideal if you want to get your confidence and your smile back in just 2 appointments.

About Snap On Smile

The Snap On Smile is a revolutionary, easy and painless way to get the smile you’ve always wanted – without drilling, needles or pain. The procedure is completely reversible and it’s also affordable and non-invasive. Finally, you can get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted in just 2 appointments!

Who Can Use the Snap On Smile

The Snap On Smile is virtually just for everyone! Wondering if it’s right for you? Well, are you:

Not Yet Ready to Commit to more permanent dental work? The Snap On Smile can help you preview life with a fantastic smile.

Not a Candidate for a Bridge or Implant? Good news! You can smile again with a Snap On Smile and regain your confidence.

Someone who wants a Hollywood smile? Snap On Smiles are popular with celebrities. It’s the secret to a star’s always camera-ready smile.

Someone who wants a new smile that’s affordable and long-lasting? With proper care, the Snap On Smile can last for about 5 years! And the best part? You can safely enjoy all your favourite foods!


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