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One Visit Crowns at Vancouver’s Arbutus North Dental Centre Restore your Beautiful White Smile – Fast

Restoring a damaged tooth to its natural perfection, or improving on what Mother Nature provided you with is easy, fast and – of course – very pleasant at Arbutus North Dental Centre thanks to our “one visit” crowns!


Modern Digital Technology, Modern Dental Results

We use “CEREC 3D™, which is a modern digital technology solution that takes a digital impression of your damaged tooth, and then we prepare a crown that matches the natural colour of your tooth. This technology not only makes your new tooth match perfectly with your old one, but it speeds up the process so that you’ll be done in one visit! In fact, most crowns can be completed in an hour or so.picbody_dessert


Why Suffer with a Chipped, Worn or Damaged Tooth?

With our “one-visit” crowns, you’re so much closer than you might imagine to getting the smile you’ve dreamed of. Simply contact us to make an appointment, and soon you’ll be flashing those pearly whites more than ever before – and telling your friends and family members “I can’t believe it was so easy, comfortable and FAST!”