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Bridges at Vancouver’spicbody_dineout Arbutus North Dental Centre Fix Gapped Smiles Easily, Quickly, and Permanently!

Gaps between teeth do more than just harm your overall appearance, and make you feel self-conscious and unattractive. Gaps also collect bacteria, plaque and other material that, over time, can cause serious oral and overall health problems. They can also cause speech problems.


Fixing the Gaps

At Arbutus North Dental Centre, our bridges fix gaps easily, quickly and permanently! We’ll customize your bridges to fit the unique spacing of your teeth and mouth, plus we’ll polish them to a glistening, bright white. In fact, your permanent bridges will likely be straighter, stronger and more beautiful than the tooth that used to be there!


Contact us to Restore your Health Smile

Bridges could be the ideal solution you need to restore your healthy smile, and have you feeling confident, happy and beautiful — inside and out! Contact us today to learn more. You’re close than you think to the smile of your dreams!