Arbutus North Dental Responding to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak


We want to share how Arbutus North Dental Centre is proactively planning & preparing to keep our operations running smoothly during the uncertainty of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Given the coronavirus’ ability to be contagious prior to the appearance of symptoms, it is challenging to pre-screen patients to avoid exposure to other patients and our team members. We can assist in the effort to slow the spread of the virus by limiting potential exposures so as not to overwhelm our healthcare system.

Based on the recommendation of our provincial Dental College, we are only offering dental emergency care in Vancouver in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. We expect this to continue for the immediate future and will keep you informed as the situation changes.

We are actively keeping track of updates and following guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), our provincial Dental College, and government health departments. While we are managing to maintain business continuity, we want to ensure that our patients, team, and community are kept safe. To learn more see the Arbutus North Dental Covid-19 Commitment Page

These preventative measures have been taken to limit spread of the coronavirus, to support our team in this challenging time, and to ensure that we maintain our ability to serve our patient family for the long term

Please contact us with any concerns or to reschedule your dental appointments.