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At Arbutus North Dental Centre, our dentists focus on a variety of dentistry, including restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We focus on making your oral health the very best it can be. But it is through our focus on the needs of our patients and our values on community and dedication that we became award winning dentists. The members of our team focus on giving our patients the right treatment for their teeth. Through our dedication, we can transform people’s smiles into something they are proud of, and a great smile makes a person beautiful.

Through the dedication of our dentists, our patients will find multitudes of solutions even for the most difficult of tooth problems. In restorative dentistry, we offer bonding and bridges to fix gaps and chips in your teeth. We can fill in missing parts of your teeth with inlays and onlays. For difficult problems, our dentists are capable of performing oral surgery and root canals to fix defects and injuries in your mouth or rid you of a problem causing you pain.

In addition to restorative dentistry, we do not shy away from cosmetic dentistry. We can help you whiten your teeth, create mouth guards to protect you from injury, and aid you in creating the perfect smile. We believe that a beautiful smile goes a long way in improving a person’s overall quality of life through their confidence and self-esteem.

It is no surprise that we at Arbutus North Dental Centre pride ourselves with our award-winning dentists. For a beautiful smile, book an appointment with us, located in the heart of Kitsilano, in Vancouver.